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New Bucket Trucks from Utility FleetIn 2012, Utility Fleet began stocking New ETI ETC37IH Bucket Trucks.  Customer demand and satisfaction has been tremendous, and the bucket trucks have continued to sell as quickly as they arrive.  To satisfy the needs of its customers, Utility Fleet has $6.5 million in new ETI units currently on order, and has expanded the offering to include Material Handling units and Service Trucks Equipped with Service Cranes.  Customers worldwide have continued to reserve units with immediate deposits.  Get yours booked now so you know you’ll have the equipment you need, when you need it.  Units are arriving monthly, so you don’t have to wait the typical nine to twelve months required at most manufacturers.

Call a Utility Fleet Account Manager at 866-411-5285 and ask them about units on ground this week.

Choose the Truck You Want:  Ford or Ram, 4X4 or 4X2, It’s Up to You.
ETC37IH units will be arriving on both New Ford F550 and New Ram 5500 chassis; 4X4 and 4X2 models are available.  The Ford and Ram trucks feature the 6.7L Powerstroke and the 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel engines, respectively.  All trucks are equipped with automatic transmissions, air conditioning, AM/FM radio, cruise control, and engine block heater.  Service bodies include side entry steps at the tailshelf for increased safety and ease of use.

Features of the ETI ETC37IH Aerial Devices
•    Articulating Telescopic
•    Insulated
•    42 ft. Working Height
•    28.3 ft. of Side Reach
•    Continuous Rotation
•    350 lb. Capacity Hydraulically Leveled Bucket
•    Bucket Rotator
•    Single Handle Upper Control
•    Full feathering capabilities from both upper and lower controls
•    Tool Circuits at Bucket
•    Emergency Lowering Valve

Many utility fleets rely on the ETC37IH as the industry’s choice for insulated, 42 foot working height needs.  ETI’s commitment to meet and exceed customer expectations has enabled them to become the world’s fastest growing manufacturer of bucket trucks.

Material Handlers and Service Trucks are Coming
If you need a material handling bucket truck, Utility Fleet has you covered.  New ETCMH37 (42 ft. working height) and ETCMH42 (47 ft. working height) units will be arriving soon.  Both models are articulating telescopic aerial devices with a 1,000 lb. lifting capacity material handling winch.  While there are other brand models that can offer similar working height, the ETCMH42 has best in its class lifting capacity with no deductions for jib length.

Utility Fleet will also be stocking New Ram 5500 Crew Cab Service Trucks with full service bodies and featuring Liberator 6000 Electric Hydraulic Service Cranes.  The Liberator 6000 has a 36,000 ft-lbs crane rating with a 6,000 lb. maximum lifting capacity.  Automatic overload protection, anti two-block system, load cushioning counterbalance/check valves, safety valves, a 100% Solid-state control system, and a limited lifetime structural warranty, are standard on the Liberator 6000.

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About Utility Fleet

Utility Fleet is the preferred supplier of bucket trucks, digger derricks, and related equipment to the utility construction industry. It provides both new and remanufactured units, which are critical in the ongoing maintenance and construction of utility infrastructure worldwide. Utility Fleet’s best-in-class products and services allow it to quickly and effectively respond to the needs of its customers.
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